As you are probably aware, there will be a public school referendum on the April 2nd ballot. There will be two questions asked (taken from the FDL School District website, link below):

Question #1 will ask the community to approve $91.5 million in funding to address various needs at the schools related to three main focal areas: improving safety and security; upgrading building exterior by replacing roofs, windows and doors; and updating building systems related to heating, ventilation, electrical and plumbing.

Question #2 will ask the community to approve $7 million in funding to add air conditioning in the eight buildings that currently do not have it. That would allow every school to provide the same climate-controlled learning environment for students and staff. Hence, a total of $98.5 million will be requested from the community.

I am supporting the school referendum because I believe it is necessary to provide a safe and healthy work and learning environment for our teachers, staff and students. With the borrowing costs for Fondy High coming off our taxes this past year, resulting in a tax decrease of $55 per $100,000 of property value, this is a good time to fast track major infrastructure improvements in our schools. If both referendum questions pass in April, the corresponding tax increase would be $44 per $100,000 of property value. That would enable us to make major improvements to every public school in the district in a 3-5 year timeframe, while still maintaining a lower tax rate than what we paid in 2018.

For more information about the referendum, I would encourage you to check out the district’s website. It is loaded with information -