Addressing Poverty and Food Insecurity

Fond du Lac County has a significant number of children facing food insecurity. That doesn’t always mean they are just hungry, but there is often a direct relationship to insufficient housing, lack of transportation, lack of proper and clean clothing, etc. All of these directly impact a child’s ability to learn.

This is not simply a School Board issue, or a specific school issue, but rather a community issue. Together we need to, and will, continue to work to address it.

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  • Child poverty rate in Fond du Lac County: 10.7% (2012-2016)

  • Children Predicted Food Insecurity rate: 16.4% (2015)

  • Free/Reduced Lunch eligibility rates in Fond du Lac School District: 39.6% (2017)

  • Child FoodShare participation rates: 27.4% (2015)